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What is We Inspire Futures?
It is the newest open online community in Canada for educators to collaborate and share ideas.  It is a place where teachers can connect with their peers, discover new ideas, ask questions and share their own insights about education in their community and in the world.

What is Our Community?
A place to share personal stories and experiences, where you can find interviews, participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect and share ideas with peers.

What is Idea Bank?
A place to find lesson ideas, activities to do in the classroom, tools and techniques, tips and tricks, templates and tutorials for teachers.  You can search by grade or discipline.  If you have any lesson ideas you’d like to share you can post them here.

What is Front Page?
You can find any current or trending topics and developments in education here to keep you current and informed.  We feature the latest in education news and digital trends, from research studies to white papers and infographics

Optimal Browsers
We recommend Firefox, Chrome & Safari to view We Inspire Futures. Please use the latest version of Internet Explorer (9) or pages will not display properly.

The "I’m Inspired" Button
Did the article or idea inspire you? Show it by clicking the "I’m Inspired" button located on every post or page! Try it!  (Pls include the image)



How do I post?
All submissions are moderated and are subject to an approval process. To post, go to this page and follow the prompts.

What kind of posts can I submit?
We Inspire Futures accepts articles, images, and videos.

How do I submit my video?
Your video must already be hosted on a site like YouTube or Vimeo . Simply copy and paste the permanent link for your video into the appropriate field. We ask that you provide a few sentences of text to accompany your video to give readers context about your video.

How do I submit my image?
There are two ways of submitting an image. You may submit an existing online image by copying and pasting its permanent URL into the submissions box. You can also upload a file directly from your computer*. We recommend that images be in .jpg or .png format, with a maximum size of 2.5MB.

How do I submit my text?
All articles must have an accompanying picture or video. You may link to an existing picture or video by including the URL along with your article*. You may also upload a file from your computer. If you have no image or video, We Inspire Futures has default images available that we will assign to accompany your post.

 *Please be sure that you have the right to distribute any copyrighted images or videos before submitting on this site.

Can I add my blog to We Inspire Futures?
Yes. You can submit individual posts to We Inspire Futures that have already appeared on your personal teaching blog. By submitting your previously published material to We Inspire Futures, your writing has the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Remember to include the URL of your blog and we will link back to it at the bottom of the post.

Why do I have to provide my email to post?
We Inspire Futures requires an email address for all submissions. This is to confirm that you are human and to have a means of contacting you if there is an error in the transmission of your post.

Why doesn’t my post show up right away?
All articles must be approved by our moderator before appearing on We Inspire Futures. This is a security measure as We Inspire Futures does not require users to register in order to submit content. We do our best to protect users from SPAM-bots. Please be patient, we will process all submissions as quickly as possible.

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How can I keep up-to-date with We Inspire Futures?
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