The iPad Mini Has Arrived

This afternoon, the long awaited iPad Mini was confirmed after months (years?) of speculation about its existence.  The iPad Mini is poised to ramp up 1:1 and BYOD implementation across… Read more »

Thanksgiving Trivia

Before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, impress your friends and family with some Thanksgiving facts and trivia. Did you know… • Canadian Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the second Monday… Read more »

Curiosity: The NASA Mars Rover Lands

On August 5, 2012 the NASA Mars rover Curiosity made the most precise landing ever attempted. In fact, the number of mechanisms required to occur in perfect sequence in only seven short… Read more »

How schools can combat the summer holiday literacy dip

Wish your students would spend their summer reading for pleasure? The Summer Reading Challenge could make your dreams come true, explains Miranda McKearney As a charity CEO there are tough… Read more »

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