Excitedly Surprised

Today, I found myself sitting in awe as I stared at the computer screen after a long day of teaching. The first day back after March Break is always a… Read more »

Overlapping Structure and Creativity

How to Use Dynamic Clips in your Classroom A note before you begin: Although the two clips referenced are meant for an audience of educators, the concepts can help teachers… Read more »

It’s a Highlighter Not a Paintbrush

Students love to use highlighers to paint lovely pictures. They paint daisies, colour in boxes, and draw decorative borders down the side of every handout. Of course this is not… Read more »

Using a Question Building Chart to Provoke Student Thought

One of the most effective ways to provoke student thought is through the building of “rich” questions. By asking meaningful questions – and interacting with textual information – students can… Read more »

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