In Class Tech Guru

Tap into your students’ technology genius. Do you ever start your lesson with computer, projector, or internet problems? There are many technological hiccups that threaten to impede our teaching. To… Read more »

First Week of School: Primary Classes

In the first week of school, it is important for teachers to build a positive classroom culture and to carefully define behaviour expectations for primary students.  Teachers can use engaging… Read more »

Immerse Yourself in the Teaching

Sometimes it takes a new perspective to shed light on issues that we are faced with every day. Our students are bombarded by the media and advertising in most facets… Read more »

It’s a Highlighter Not a Paintbrush

Students love to use highlighers to paint lovely pictures. They paint daisies, colour in boxes, and draw decorative borders down the side of every handout. Of course this is not… Read more »

Successful Supply Teaching – Making the Most of Your Day

The demands of being a supply teacher are constant and challenging. You arrive at new schools and attempt to learn new names and faces each day. The effort you exert… Read more »

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