We Are Inspired By Susan Jackson-Bosher

Aviva Dunsiger interviews Susan Jackson-Bosher about how to implement technology effectively as an administrator in an elementary school setting. Susan explains how technology is a personal journey for each teacher… Read more »

Math to the Rescue!

Most often when you ask students about their favourite school subjects, math isn’t something you’ll typically hear. Why is that? Math is used in almost everything we do, yet it… Read more »

We Are Inspired by Donna Baxter DeCourcy

Over her 30+ year career, Donna Baxter DeCourcy has been a classroom teacher, Special Education resource teacher, technology curriculum innovator, and literacy coach. She has had a variety of experiences… Read more »

There’s an app for that

Today, teachers know that almost every student, whether they are in kindergarten or high school, owns a cellphone. Some educators might see these devices as distractions in the classroom, but as they… Read more »

Discover Balanced Digital Literacy

We Inspire Futures is very pleased to bring you a conversation with visionary educators Mali Bickley and Jim Carleton. Listen as Mali and Jim explain the concept of balanced digital… Read more »

Social Responsibility in the Primary Classroom

Welcome to the We Inspire Futures podcasting project. Today I had an interesting conversation with friend and colleague Christine Jenkins. Listen as Chris Jay and I chat about a controversial issue… Read more »

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