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by The We Inspire Futures Team

Today, teachers know that almost every student, whether they are in kindergarten or high school, owns a cellphone. Some educators might see these devices as distractions in the classroom, but as they… Read more »


by The We Inspire Futures Team

Although most principals and school leaders know technology can be helpful for learning, they still feel their schools are lagging behind when it comes to integrating it in their academic communities. To… Read more »


by Doug Fraser

The greatest joy I get out of teaching is witnessing the sheer delight on a student’s face when they experience a thrilling learning “moment.”  These moments can happen anywhere –… Read more »


by Janet Lee Stinson

My favourite place to get teaching supplies is Staples. At Staples, they have sticky notes galore and all kinds of markers and pens. The bill is always enormous unless I… Read more »


by Christine Jenkins

A few weeks ago I registered for a Technology in the Classroom workshop.  I was very excited about learning something new.  Unfortunately, by the end of the half day event, I… Read more »


by Neil Finney

Facebook is everywhere – including our classrooms. Students are supposed to be at least 13 years old in order to sign up for a Facebook account – but that isn’t… Read more »


by Janet Lee Stinson

Looking back over my career in education, I was always a leader. I wanted to be cutting edge with my understandings and ahead of the game when it came to… Read more »


by Janet Lee Stinson

Mentors come and go. Some earn their positions in our hearts and classrooms forever. Others leave a lot to be desired. What is the best teaching advice you have ever… Read more »


by Janet Lee Stinson

My first year of teaching was very hard. I don’t think I ever relaxed once the entire year. I worked more hours than I ever thought I could and I… Read more »


by Thérèse McNamara

Yesterday, I began to teach my son how to tie a double Windsor knot. I say “began” because, as with many children who display special or alternate needs, learning even small… Read more »

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