What Does Literacy Mean to You?

We asked, you answered! This past summer we asked teachers and educators what literacy means to them, and here are some of their answers: “Literacy opens doors – It allows… Read more »

Discussion: Where to find supplies

My favourite place to get teaching supplies is Staples. At Staples, they have sticky notes galore and all kinds of markers and pens. The bill is always enormous unless I… Read more »

Lead, Don’t Follow

Looking back over my career in education, I was always a leader. I wanted to be cutting edge with my understandings and ahead of the game when it came to… Read more »

Discussion: Share Some Advice

Mentors come and go. Some earn their positions in our hearts and classrooms forever. Others leave a lot to be desired. What is the best teaching advice you have ever… Read more »

Discussion: Paying It Forward

“No good deed goes unreturned.” Describe a time when you decided to “Pay it Forward” with a Student? A Colleague? An Administrator? What lessons did you learn and how did… Read more »

Discussion: Decoding the Media

We are constantly bombarded by the media and life events in our classrooms. As teachers, we have an obligation to prepare students for decoding the media and making sense of… Read more »

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