To Announce, To Converse, Or Both?

As I begin to use Twitter more, I notice that people use this social network for different purposes. Some people use it to announce what’s happening in their personal or… Read more »

Just Try!

Our new Ontario report card has created an even bigger emphasis on the Learning Skills. Self-reliance is a key component of these Learning Skills. When I taught primary students, I spent… Read more »

Paper Is Not A Bad Thing

A colleague of mine walked in the room just as I was finishing some photocopying this morning. She was amazed! Her comment to me was, “I thought that you a… Read more »

Worth the Wait

Effective questioning is the foundation on which learning occurs, and the forum, in which, risk-taking evolves. Creating the right atmosphere for students to think, process and share is ultimately based… Read more »

Better – Together!

When I used to plan lessons, I planned them and I delivered them. That was it. If I worked as part of a team, I would usually share my lessons… Read more »

I Think I Would Do It Better Now

The other night, I got involved in an online conversation with a group of Grade 1 teachers. They were discussing their reading program, and I noticed that much of the… Read more »

Re-Thinking Read Alouds

  I love reading aloud to students. I have always enjoyed doing so. Reading is one of my favourite pastimes, and being able to share my passion with a younger… Read more »

90% is Away From the Ball…

When I played for my high school basketball team, I remember one particular pep-talk from the coach very well:  “Listen, basketball is a thinking game. 90% of it is away… Read more »

Never Done

All year, I’ve been working with my students on the fact that they are never “done” learning. There is always something else that they can do. Many students are now creating… Read more »

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