Questions Lead The Way

In class, we’re just finishing off our math unit on area and perimeter. I started today’s math class asking the students to create irregular shapes using any tools that they… Read more »

Igniting The Passion

Today was the best math class ever! We’re just starting our geometry unit, and the students are learning about triangles. In class today, the students were put into groups, and… Read more »

Pulling the Plug

Arriving at school early on Tuesday morning, I booted up my classroom computers as I always do. It was then that I noticed a problem: they didn’t connect to the… Read more »

All About Community

Every day, I have bus duty after school. I work with another teacher, and we wait until everything has quieted down outside, and then we let the buses go. Today,… Read more »

The Duct Tape Challenge

Tomorrow, the Grade 6’s are participating in a Duct Tape Challenge. As part of our Science Unit on flight, the students have been challenged to design and build a flying… Read more »

What I Love About Teaching

It sure does feel tough to be an Ontario public elementary teacher right now. Amid protests, walkouts and constant media coverage, I am going to work with what feels like… Read more »

Even Teachers Need Help

When I was in school, I remember thinking that teachers knew everything. After becoming a teacher, I thought that it was also my job to know everything. It was really… Read more »

Computations Versus Communication

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, communication in math is a focus for me as part of my Annual Learning Plan. Since returning to school after the holidays, I was thrilled… Read more »

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