Chatting To Learn

Last year, I taught a Grade 1/2 class, and for the first time in my teaching career, I started using Nintendo DS’ with my students. I read numerous blog posts… Read more »

Do you really want to know?

How to have a real conversation about bullying with your Intermediate/Senior students  “It gets better.” This is the mantra spoken in the media these days. It’s mostly adults speaking out… Read more »

The Facebook Dilemma

Facebook requires individuals to be 13 years of age or older in order to use it. However, in our Elementary Schools there are more and more children logging in. In… Read more »

My First Year of Teaching

When I first arrived in Calgary in August 2006 I was on a Rocky Mountain High.  Not only had I just recently graduated with a Degree in Education, but I… Read more »

WARNING: Intermediate Students Ahead

Intermediate students are a fickle, but rewarding, bunch. They sit, teetering, on the brink of adulthood with so many doors open, and yet, they need your advice and guidance. They… Read more »

Teacher Blogging: Lend an Ear; Give a Voice

Blogging can be an excellent way for you to enhance your teaching career and your connection with colleagues and students. By following anonlinestep-by-stepguidetobeginyourblog, it will take no time to getting… Read more »

Live in the Moment

An interesting discussion emerged in the course of our staff meeting yesterday.  Although I cannot recall what precipitated the talk, the gist of the conversation related to a recognition that… Read more »

Cell Phones in School – How Texting Can Find a Place in Your Class

In a world where texting and Twitter have exploded, it is clear that we love to send short messages. But as with most technologies, our schools, and specifically, your Intermediate… Read more »

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