Our Top 5 Halloween Party Ideas

  Have you visited our Pinterest site yet? We’ve curated boards on all sorts of educational topics. Today we’re spotlighting our top 5 picks from the holiday ideas for the classroom board. From… Read more »

The Lesson (Part 3)

Read part 1 first… My administrator arrived before the start of period 1. Students slightly smiled to greet her asking, “Why are you here, Miss?” A few boys joked that she was… Read more »

Tropical Adventures – Panama 2012!

The greatest joy I get out of teaching is witnessing the sheer delight on a student’s face when they experience a thrilling learning “moment.”  These moments can happen anywhere –… Read more »

Overwhelmed by Technology?

A few weeks ago I registered for a Technology in the Classroom workshop.  I was very excited about learning something new.  Unfortunately, by the end of the half day event, I… Read more »

The Windsor

Yesterday, I began to teach my son how to tie a double Windsor knot. I say “began” because, as with many children who display special or alternate needs, learning even small… Read more »

A New Direction: Survivor Fintopia

As teachers, we will find ourselves questioning our direction and effectiveness with a class at some point during our teaching year. About five years ago, I had my startling moment… Read more »

A New Perspective

I am known at school for the characteristic clickety clack of my teacher shoes down freshly polished hallways. I take the stairs two at a time to make sure I… Read more »

Super Hero Department Chair

I wore a cape to my interview for English Chairperson. Yes, you read that right, a cape. I was convinced that I was the perfect person for the job. I… Read more »

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