Are the Buses Cancelled? Yes!

Canadian Winter. There is nothing quite like it. Hammered by snow squalls and freezing rain warnings, teachers brave the brutal road conditions, so that learning may press on. And then… Read more »

Wear Comfortable Shoes

What’s the dress code? My grade 3 teacher gave me some advice about being a teacher. She said, “Wear comfortable shoes!” I have tried to follow her guidance as much… Read more »

It’s Only Easy in July and August!

Everybody thinks being a primary teacher is easy. If you can read picture books with expression, print neatly, and add or subtract a few small numbers, you can probably teach young children…. Read more »

What the Heck is an Exemplar?

 I used to think that an exemplar was an exemplary example of student work. I was very proud of the numerous dusty projects looking down from above my bookshelves. Each… Read more »