A Different Kind of Bright, Part 1: Liam

Liam is a puzzle kid. Given the right circumstances, he can demonstrate his learning and thinking quite admirably — and not just within the bottom categories of Bloom’s Taxonomy… When… Read more »

Preparing Them for the Journey

As an intermediate teacher, I have always had frank discussions with parents about transitioning to high school and how I thought a student would manage the change. High school is… Read more »

Little Words—Caring Community

 In my current role as an elementary vice-principal, I find morning and after school bus duty both enjoyable and purposeful. This time serves to connect with our 400+ students, get… Read more »

A Special Speaker (Part 2)

Read part 1 first… “Good morning, grade 11’s!” I chirped. “ I have exciting news! We are having a special speaker tomorrow. This person is an accomplished author, speaker, leader,… Read more »

Mind over Bladder: The Busy-Ness of Teaching

First break arrives and you set your sights on the nearest washroom door, but wait, you have a duty! Oh no, you think, as you stride down the hallway to… Read more »

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