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20 Ideas for Celebrating Aboriginal Culture in Your Class

by We Inspire Futures Team

NationalAboriginalDayWill you be celebrating National Aboriginal Day in your class tomorrow? Tell us how in the comments below for your chance to win a $25 gift card.

National Aboriginal Day is celebrated every year on June 21st, the summer solstice, to honour the rich and unique cultural heritages of First Nations, Inuit and Metis. Events are being held across the country, including demonstrations of traditional drumming and dancing ceremonies, fiddle performances, arts and crafts shows, traditional sports, plus many more.

This is a perfect opportunity to teach your class about traditional Aboriginal culture. To celebrate, Nelson Education is offering a free download of the ebook Getting Ready for the Feast from the Circle of Life series of authentic First Nations stories. You should also check out FNER which is a site dedicated to First Nations Educational Resources. We’ve also listed activities you can hold in your class.


20 ideas for for celebrating Canadian Aboriginal culture:

  1. Invite Aboriginal guest speakers, e.g. an Elder, to speak on local history as well as contemporary issues
  2. Plan an activity with an Aboriginal partner such as an on-reserve school or school district
  3. Prepare an arts and crafts display or workshop
  4. Offer an Aboriginal language workshop
  5. Play traditional or contemporary games, e.g. lacrosse
  6. Prepare a display of items such as treaties, arts and books
  7. Hold storytelling sessions
  8. Invite Aboriginal dancers and singers to perform
  9. Hold an essay and artwork contest
  10. Give a quiz on Aboriginal history/culture
  11. Organize a school Internet exchange
  12. Take field trips to local Aboriginal sites
  13. Hold student exchanges
  14. Start a Pen Pal Club with an Aboriginal school
  15. Skype in a friend of FNMI heritage to talk to your class about the history of his/her community
  16. Research contributions made by Aboriginal people to Canada
  17. Identify or learn about Aboriginal heroes/heroines in Canada
  18. Learn about Aboriginal food preparation
  19. Hold a bannock-baking contest
  20. Use social media on June 21st to follow events happening around the country

(Credit: Canadian Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development


Contest is now closed. 


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  • Julia

    I’m going to try some of these! Thanks for sharing

  • Emily

    Great ideas! My grade 2 class used the storytelling idea to share family stories that have been passed down in their families. It was such a fun experience for everyone!