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Creativity Matters

by Janet Lee Stinson

This is the second post in a series that examines the relationship between structure and creativity in K-12 classrooms. This second installment features a TED Talk presented by Sir Ken Robinson in February 2006.

Before viewing the video clip, consider the following question:

Do you think creativity is squelched in our current system?

While you view this video called Sir Ken Robinson:Do Schools Kill Creativity think about your own formative years. How much creativity were you engaged in as a child and young person? How did this creativity or lack of determine or undermine your success as an adult?

After viewing the clip, think about the main idea of Sir Robinson’s TED talk. Do you agree with his view on creativity in education?

Tip from a Mentor: Jot down your ideas so that you can remember your initial response to this media text. These thoughts can help you to prepare for discussion when you use the clip with others.

Ready for the next step? Section 3 of our Structure vs. Creativity Series coming soon!

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