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iPads: Curriculum Design in our Schools

by Deborah McCallum

iPads: Curriculum Design in our SchoolsIn terms of Curriculum Design, staff will need equal opportunities to learn technology skills of the iPad and how to integrate them into teaching strategies.

1)      Have a clear plan set out. iPads are easier to roll-out when long range plans are in place. This is not unlike a Business Plan, where all details are identified and linked to School and Board Improvement Plans. For instance, clearly set out the Learning goals and success criteria for the use of iPads. Students are obviously not using iPads for passive learning purposes. What strategies can you implement to

2)      Decide how Assessment ForAs , and Of Learning will take place. iPads are meant for 1:1 programming, learning, and deployment. If you are not purchasing a syncing station across usernames and accounts, and if the use of the iCloud is not possible to track individual student progress, you will need to decide how your learning goals for students and how you will track, assess, and provide meaningful feedback.

3)      Differentiation & Universal Design for Learning (UDL) are important to remember as well. Purposeful curriculum design with your students in mind can give new opportunities to students to learn new information and knowledge in innovative ways, and in alternative ways to meet learning styles, and motivate our students. iPads can be instrumental in meeting these goals. What kind of PD is needed for staffs to learn how to implement UDL  for the benefit of students?

4)      Avoid the ‘free’ apps, due to advertising, that may be unpredictable and inappropriate.

5)      As with all technology, and how it Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship are essential and would benefit students greatly if embedded within all areas of the curriculum. This is especially true if your school is making the bold move to pilot the use of iPads across classrooms.


 Have you taken part in creating an implementation plan for iPads? What was the most important thing you took away from it?


DeborahDeborah McCallum is an Educator and a Writer. She writes both Fiction, & Non-Fiction including Curriculum, Psychology of Learning, and of how we can incorporate First Nations, Metis, & Inuit perspectives in education. With Graduate Studies in Counselling Psychology, and over 12 years of Teaching and Librarianship experience, Deborah has developed in-depth expertise and knowledge into important issues surrounding Education in the 21st Century. Visit Deborah’s blog



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