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Our Top 5 DIY Projects for the Classroom

by We Inspire Futures Team

Have you visited our Pinterest site yet? We’ve curated boards on all sorts of educational topics. Today we’re spotlighting our top 5 picks on DIY ideas for the elementary classroom. Check them out below.


bunting 1. Personalized Bunting

Decorate your classroom with the goals and aspirations of your students! Near the beginning of the year or semester, give every student a triangle to write down what they hope to accomplish in the coming months. String them all together as a reminder of all that the class wants to accomplish.

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fingerprinttree2. Fingerprint Tree

At the beginning of the year, have every student paint their finger and then stamp their fingerprint onto the tree. Frame the picture somewhere prominent in the classroom to remind students that they are all friends.

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glitter 3. Make Your Own Glitter

Primary teachers–how much glitter do you go through in a typical school year? Try out this recipe combining salt and food colouring to create your own glitter.

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hotcrayonart 4. Hot Crayon Art

If you’re already on Pinterest, chances are you’ve seen this before.  Recreate this rainbow masterpiece by attaching crayons to the top of a canvas board and taking aim with a hair dryer.

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framedcorckboard 5. Framed Cork board Showcase

Display student’s best work by spray painting an old frame with a jazzy colour. Cut a piece of cork board to size and then hang up in your classroom as a fun way to display your students’ best work.

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Check out more DIY ideas here!

Have you done a DIY project? Share below.


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  • Teachingisagift

    My favourite DIY project inspired by Pinterest was the NO NAME board I created! I saw it on Pinterest during the summer and thought “I have to do that”. I went out to the local dollar store and bought a board, a few larger clothespins (made from bamboo), some paint, and some glitter letters. I painted the board the colour I wanted, glued on the pins, and added some cute letters and ribbon. Not only is it adorable,but it WORKS! I used a numbering system in classroom, as well as names. I can quickly tell who’s work is missing and then clip the offending “NO NAME” paper on the board. The students KNOW when they don’t get their work back…that it must be stuck on the NO NAME board.
    You can see this project and few other organizational ideas at

    • Janet Lee

      Again, I must tell you that your organization is inspiring! I know students must enjoy your structure and feel like they can really depend on your consistency. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! :)

      I’d like to know more about your assessment organization techniques. How long does it take you to set up structures for students so that they are busy on meaningful tasks while you do student conferencing?