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Secrets to a Successful Writer’s Workshop

by Eye on Education

Real Writers Have Routines – and so should your students.

Stephen King keeps a strict routine each day. He starts each morning with a cup of tea and a vitamin. He sits down to work between 8 and 8:30 AM and doesn’t stop working until he has at least 10 pages typed.

When John Grisham began writing, he still had his day job as a lawyer. He woke each morning at 5:00 and headed to his office. His goal was to write a page per day.

Toni Morrison’s ritual of rising with the dawn began when her children were small and she continues to be inspired by the first light of day.

In Awakening Brilliance in the Writer’s Workshop, Lisa Morris stresses the importance of establishing steadfast routines and understood expectations. Students need to know they will write every day so that they can anticipate, plan, and find a writing rhythm. A writing workshop should be a predictable as a daily lunch schedule.

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