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Technology in the Canadian Classroom

by The We Inspire Futures Team

We love infographics. They’re engaging and a fun way to share information. Illustrations can explore relationships and highlight connections between topics that may not be picked up on when reading text only. Although there are a lot of infographics out there addressing education and technology trends, they’re all American! While we shouldn’t ignore trends south of the border, we must acknowledge that there are unique Canadian concerns that are not being addressed.

We Inspire Futures decided to get creative and make our own Canada-centric infographic that shows how education technology  is impacting Canadian teachers and students.

We are very pleased to introduce the very first infographic showcasing Canadian trends in education technology! Share it with you colleagues and friends.


Like what you see? This article recommends great programs for teachers and students to create their own infographics.

Have you used infographics in class? What statistic from this infographic surprised you the most?

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  • Deborah

    Thanks for creating a Canadian Infographic!

    I thought that the statistic of ’1 in 10 students have sent out an academic tweet’ was very interesting. I also thought it was interesting that 46 % of students would like to email their teachers with a question.

    I think that if we included and embedded more social media platforms in the classroom, that we have the potential to demonstrate new ways for students to engage on social media. Perhaps with new academic options and avenues for students to get involved with, cyber-bullying may decrease, and students may be able to increase their self-esteem by becoming involved with more diverse social media clubs, ie., book clubs, etc., broaden horizons, have safe places to ‘connect’, and perhaps escape difficult online situations. Educators have the potential to play bigger and bigger roles in providing these kinds of opportunities for students!

    Thanks for this great infographic!

  • C Beach

    This infographic makes me want to check out the statistical analysis behind the stats: where and how was the statistic created? What does “Have Access to…” mean?!? and Smartphone penetration graphic is confusing when you look at Ontario… It’d be nice if I could click on a link on the sources at the bottom, but I guess I’m getting very spoiled these days, eh?

    • Janet Lee

      Thanks for the feedback! We should always check out the stats behind any infographic. The links provided show where the raw data can be found. Researching the originals of this data would be an excellent teachable moment for students. Ask, How can this infographic be extended? What data is missing? What is the inference a reader can make about our country and technology? JL