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Accu-Weather Forecast & Primary Science

by Chris Jenkins

I’m a weather freak.  I love to watch The Weather  Channel on television.  Before every family outing, I always check the weather forecast and the radar map.  To mock me, my partner always opens the front door, looks at the sky, and says something like, “The accu-weather forecast for today is sunny and warm!”   I often think of his humour when I plan my primary science lessons.  The best ideas are just outside the door or window.

Daily and Seasonal ChangesLook Outside

  • Find a tree in the school yard or outside a classroom window.
  • Observe and record how the tree changes throughout the seasons.
  • Create a bulletin board near the window with a circular seasonal pattern.
    Add objects(e.g. mittens, leaves) or  photos to each season along with the tree records.
  • Use the bulletin board to record and compare animal behaviour, seasonal clothing, precipitation, temperature, sunset time, etc.


Materials, Objects and Everyday Structures- Go Outside

  •  Take a good look at the playground equipment, the soccer goal posts, the basket ball nets and the baseball backstops.
  • Find the geometric shapes and solids in the structures.
  • Look for natural structures like bird or wasp nests.
  • Using photos or drawings, trace the geometric shapes.
  • Ask students to select appropriate materials such as straws, popsicle sticks, found objects or Lego,  to construct their own structures.


Needs and Characteristics of Living Things – Definitely Go Outside!

  • Find living and non-living things.
  • Sort the living things into plants and animals.
  • Predict what animals and plants need to survive.
  • Compare the needs of plants and animals to people.
  • Investigate and record the parts of a plant. (maybe a dandelion)
  • Grow a plant in the window.


Encourage students to be curious about nature and help them understand the importance of exploring and preserving their environment.  Keep student learning authentic by using the outdoors to support your science instruction.

Share a primary science idea that brings the outdoors inside your classroom.




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