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Classroom Management for Grade 9

by Janet Lee Stinson

Getting their attention after a noisy activity can be difficult so,
Try this: Play music to break up the activity

Sometimes students respond to the playing of music to signal a transition in the room. Bring in a little set of speakers and have the music ready for these breaks. I usually choose a current piece of music students know and can relate to. Sometimes the music is not their favourite artist but it will get their attention instead of clapping or saying “excuse me”

What do you do to get students’ attention in a different way?

Janet Lee has been an English teacher/Department Chair, Nipissing University Reading Part 3 Instructor, Student Success Literacy Consultant, and Nelson Literacy 7-10 instructional writer and media specialist. Janet Lee recently presented literacy resources at The Great Moon Gathering in Fort Albany, Ontario. She enjoys maintaining her blog This Side of the Mirror-A Journey Through Reflection to communicate with teachers and address current issues in education.

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