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Satisfied Supply

by Joy Mihovilovich

Supply teaching and loving it! Supply teaching can quickly shift from a first step into the world of teaching to a long-term career path. For right now,  being a substitute teacher has become my career. After teacher’s college, I thought I would surely have my own homeroom class in September. Well, it didn’t happen that way, and now I have come to embrace supply teaching as my current career path.

 How can you feel energized and fulfilled as a teacher, when you’re with different students everyday?

Be confident. Arrive at the office each day with a bright smile and the conviction that your day will be successful. The same positive, confident attitude also needs to greet your students for the day.

Be realistic. They are only your students for the day or this period. You are there to maintain continuity in the homeroom teacher’s schedule and to ensure that chaos does not ensue. You are successful if the office never knows of your presence, except to retrieve and return classroom keys.

Be fun. Approach the class with a fun philosophy. Having a personal bank of fun activities and stories, is an asset to your success. Let them immediately know that if they, the class will end with a fun game…drama, perhaps?

Be fulfilled. Professional pleasure comes from knowing that you engage students. Doing a great job will lead to students being excited to see you and teacher’s requesting you for future jobs. By interacting with students and allowing them to take ownership of their behaviour – a positive outcome will follow.

Being a satisfied supply teacher comes from knowing that you do not have yard duty in the morning or after school. You get your evenings and weekends to re-energize, and when the final bell rings, your time with the class, whether less than desirable or incredibly enjoyable, will be over. You’ll also develop a positive reputation with staff and students, that will be maintained over time, because you are always a fresh face. And that freshness is as much theirs to savour as it is yours each day.

How do you stay satisfied as a supply? What advice and tips do you have for other supply teachers?



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  • Neil Finney

    Joy, here are the words that really jumped out at me when I read this post: fun, pleasure, great, engage, excited, positive, satisfied, desirable, and enjoyable. Your positive tone and passionate writing about being a “satisfied supply” certainly comes from within. Thanks for the supportive advice and optimism about what can be such a demanding job!