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The “Share it” Board

by Neil Finney

Share It Board


One of the best ways to build a learning, and sharing, community is to provide a place where ideas can be posted and viewed.

In my school, I have started a “Share It” Board in the hallway in the hope that students and teachers will add their ideas in a way that promotes self-directed learning. I have focused on 4 main categories;


• Interesting Reads

• Cool Media/Video Clips

• Did You Know?

• I Can Teach You…

This whole undertaking began when I had two students in my class asking to show me some interesting video clips on YouTube. This was not part of a school assignment – it was merely an opportunity to share something with me that the students found important or engaging. I began to think that they had just provided me with a model for a sharing space that could be extended throughout the whole school as an exercise in how we are all learners who are constantly learning.

I have sent out the template to our teachers, EAs, administration and other school personnel in hopes that they, too, will share some of the things that live on the board. I have colour-coded ‘adult’ sharing slips in blue – so that we know which things are best suited for adult audiences (whether they are inspirational teacher videos on YouTube or engaging books to read).

During an indoor recess in a grade 2 and 3 class, I had students fill out Share It Board slips for “I can teach you…” and “Interesting Reads,” students were eager to do this and excited to have their thoughts on the board for all to see.

At the most recent school assembly, I spoke to the whole school about the Share It Board and asked for students to be my “helpers” in getting this thing going. I created small Share It Board slips that were left on a desk in the hallway – so that students could get one to fill out as they exited the gym after the assembly.

My ultimate goal would be to have this catch on so that the board spreads out from its framed space and sprawls along the walls to cover the whole system of school hallways. This would be quite a physical representation of our school community and its commitment to not only learn – but share in that learning journey!


How have you provided opportunities for your school community (or class) to share their learning and abilities? What other categories would be a great addition to the “Share It” Board idea?




During Neilʼs 10 years of teaching experience, he has taught in London, England; Ontario; public and private schools; elementary and secondary; junior; intermediate; core french; developmental skills; and junior gifted (grades 4,5,6). He is a Reading Specialist that has been incorporating technology in his practice consistently throughout his career. Neil has recently published his first book entitled “Ignite. Incite. Inspire.” – Examining 21st Century Issues in Education, which is a collection of teaching articles and posts written from January to December 2011.


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