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Johnny is Going Away on Vacation

by We Inspire Futures Team

Johnny is Going Away on Vacationan excerpt of a blog by Janet Lee Stinson


Johnny is going away on vacation which means he will be out of class for 2 weeks! His parents need work for him right away…meaning by the end of the day today because his ship is sailing in the morning. Literally!

This is such a familiar scenario. Unfortunately, when this comes up the only creative thoughts you might have involve turning to your filing cabinet and fishing out dittos for a novel you just happen to have beside your desk. Yes, it is an older novel~hardly something you want Johnny reading alone but since you are on a time crunch that is the only thing you have to offer.

Janet Lee has a few ideas to consider the next time Johnny’s cruise ship beckons:

*  Collect travel brochures. What are the events being suggested by the directors of your holiday? NOTE: Brochures can be found the lobby of any hotel. Compare and contrast two brochures you find. Which one is more persuasive? Explain why. What are the media elements of each brochure? Bring these brochures with you to class when you return.

Find someone of importance during your journey. (e.g. the captain of the boat, a pilot, Cruise director, etc) Ask this person for a short 5 minute interview. Prepare five questions for your subject. Be sure that the questions can not be answered with a simple yes or no. You might ask, How did you get involved in this profession? What is your favourite part of this job? After the interview, compile your answers in to a blog about your subject. What did you learn from this person that you can apply to your own life?

Discover the culture you are visiting. Collect some artifacts (be sure that customs will be ok with you bringing these things back) from your trip that represent the culture. You might record a snippet of music from a local band, purchase an authentic article of clothing, press the leaves of a local flower, buy some poetry, art or literature created by a local author or artist.

For the complete list of ideas and suggestions for how to compile the information gathered, visit Janet Lee’s blog.


Janet Lee

Janet Lee has been an English teacher/Department Chair, Adult literacy advocate with Arnie Stewart, Nipissing University Reading Part 3 Instructor, Student Success Literacy Consultant, and Nelson Literacy 7-10 instructional writer and media specialist. Janet Lee enjoys maintaining her blog  This Side of the Mirror-A Journey Through Reflection  to inspire teachers and address practical issues in education. 


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