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Preparing Them for the Journey

by Neil Finney

As an intermediate teacher, I have always had frank discussions with parents about transitioning to high school and how I thought a student would manage the change. High school is a place of freedom. High school is a place of discovery. High school is a place of new beginnings. At least, these are the truths about the social aspects of high school.

 Preparing students for high school should not be a new venture in your day-to-day classroom experiences. Those skills needed to excel in new learning activities are the same ones that you model and teach before the transition happens. Press upon your students that they cultivate their own learning process. Have them recognize the importance of asking questions, taking risks in their learning and participating whenever possible.

They should think outside the box when it comes to choosing project topics, so they are driven and motivated to learn. Their academic pursuits should lend themselves to creative talents and personal skills. High school can be an intimidating place, but only if they let it get away from them and what they want to get out of it.

Whether it is the need for new friendships, new work habits or new goals to be set, there are students in your room that will flourish in this new environment when they transition to high school. Give them all they need to survive and thrive in this next step of their journey, and they will inspire you with the heights they can attain.

How do you prepare your students for the high school transition?



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