What About Teachers?

As a teacher, I spend a lot of time thinking about what a 21st century classroom looks like for my students. I consider the importance of choice and collaboration. I… Read more »

Sharing the “Why?”

Yesterday, we recorded a radio show where students discussed their answers to different questions for Multiple Choice Mondays. Students from my class and my teaching partner’s class both joined in… Read more »

Contemplating Collaboration

It all starts with a story. A teacher walks into a classroom during her prep coverage. She sees a student go over and talk to a group of other students…. Read more »

Digital Learning: The Next Intelligence?

There are students in our classrooms that have an innate and seamless existence with technology. They search, connect and respond to a global online community. They network and forge relationships… Read more »

Mind over Bladder: The Busy-Ness of Teaching

First break arrives and you set your sights on the nearest washroom door, but wait, you have a duty! Oh no, you think, as you stride down the hallway to… Read more »

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