How and Why Teachers Should Blog

As you might know, blogging is getting more and more popular. Students have blogs, teachers have blogs and even an Average Joe might have a blog. Blogging is something that… Read more »

We Are Inspired By Susan Jackson-Bosher

Aviva Dunsiger interviews Susan Jackson-Bosher about how to implement technology effectively as an administrator in an elementary school setting. Susan explains how technology is a personal journey for each teacher… Read more »

Excitedly Surprised

Today, I found myself sitting in awe as I stared at the computer screen after a long day of teaching. The first day back after March Break is always a… Read more »

Teacher Blogging: Lend an Ear; Give a Voice

Blogging can be an excellent way for you to enhance your teaching career and your connection with colleagues and students. By following anonlinestep-by-stepguidetobeginyourblog, it will take no time to getting… Read more »

Blogging, Twitter, and Gaming- a Primary and Intermediate Perspective

Welcome to the We Inspire Futures podcasting project. This is JL coming to you with enthusiasm. This week I had the opportunity to Skype with husband and wife duo Julie and… Read more »

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