Getting More Out of Time

I always used to buy the published laminated calendar package for my primary classroom.  Every September, I’d get blank stares from my students when I tried to explain why the… Read more »

I Think They’re Playing A Game

  After first nutrition break, my students were working on their Community Math Projects. I had students spread out around my classroom and in the hallway to give them some… Read more »

Is it Primary Math or Art?

Educators seem to be rushing to get through the curriculum.  I hear things like, ‘There’s so much to do in math!’ or ‘I don’t have time for the arts anymore.’ … Read more »

Math to the Rescue!

Most often when you ask students about their favourite school subjects, math isn’t something you’ll typically hear. Why is that? Math is used in almost everything we do, yet it… Read more »

Questions Lead The Way

In class, we’re just finishing off our math unit on area and perimeter. I started today’s math class asking the students to create irregular shapes using any tools that they… Read more »

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