Getting More Out of Time

I always used to buy the published laminated calendar package for my primary classroom.  Every September, I’d get blank stares from my students when I tried to explain why the… Read more »

Is it Primary Math or Art?

Educators seem to be rushing to get through the curriculum.  I hear things like, ‘There’s so much to do in math!’ or ‘I don’t have time for the arts anymore.’ … Read more »

Tree-mendous Science

I was out for a walk the other day and as I was walking I noticed some tree branches lying on the sidewalk.  Well this is Newfoundland and our weather… Read more »

I Think I Would Do It Better Now

The other night, I got involved in an online conversation with a group of Grade 1 teachers. They were discussing their reading program, and I noticed that much of the… Read more »

Facebook for Primary Students?!

I recently was discussing with my Primary students about how we are going to be using Social Media in the Classroom, and more specifically, about my plan to use Twitter… Read more »

The Windsor

Yesterday, I began to teach my son how to tie a double Windsor knot. I say “began” because, as with many children who display special or alternate needs, learning even small… Read more »

Value Added School Days

Some big box stores have a sales gimmick they call value pricing. It means the product is priced for exactly what it is worth and it will never go on… Read more »

First Week of School: Primary Classes

In the first week of school, it is important for teachers to build a positive classroom culture and to carefully define behaviour expectations for primary students.  Teachers can use engaging… Read more »

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