I Think I Would Do It Better Now

The other night, I got involved in an online conversation with a group of Grade 1 teachers. They were discussing their reading program, and I noticed that much of the… Read more »

Overlapping Structure and Creativity

How to Use Dynamic Clips in your Classroom A note before you begin: Although the two clips referenced are meant for an audience of educators, the concepts can help teachers… Read more »

Value Added School Days

Some big box stores have a sales gimmick they call value pricing. It means the product is priced for exactly what it is worth and it will never go on… Read more »

How to Use a Print Ad- Modeling Critical Viewing Skills (Part 1)

Purpose-to enhance critical viewing skills using a modeled lesson and collaborative pairings.   Before you Begin Materials preparation- Search through teen magazines for use-able print ads. (e.g. Celebrity endorsements, Colourful… Read more »

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