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How to have a real conversation about bullying with your Intermediate/Senior students  “It gets better.” This is the mantra spoken in the media these days. It’s mostly adults speaking out… Read more »

Tropical Adventures – Panama 2012!

The greatest joy I get out of teaching is witnessing the sheer delight on a student’s face when they experience a thrilling learning “moment.”  These moments can happen anywhere –… Read more »

In Class Tech Guru

Tap into your students’ technology genius. Do you ever start your lesson with computer, projector, or internet problems? There are many technological hiccups that threaten to impede our teaching. To… Read more »

A Different Kind of Bright, Part 1: Liam

Liam is a puzzle kid. Given the right circumstances, he can demonstrate his learning and thinking quite admirably — and not just within the bottom categories of Bloom’s Taxonomy… When… Read more »

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