What I Love About Teaching

It sure does feel tough to be an Ontario public elementary teacher right now. Amid protests, walkouts and constant media coverage, I am going to work with what feels like… Read more »

Digital Learning: The Next Intelligence?

There are students in our classrooms that have an innate and seamless existence with technology. They search, connect and respond to a global online community. They network and forge relationships… Read more »

BYOD: The “Now” of Education?

Throughout North America, we are turning to the students to bring us into the “now” of education. Using BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives, our schools are attempting to increase… Read more »

WARNING: Intermediate Students Ahead

Intermediate students are a fickle, but rewarding, bunch. They sit, teetering, on the brink of adulthood with so many doors open, and yet, they need your advice and guidance. They… Read more »

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