Enter to win!

What’s your all-time favourite teaching tool?   To celebrate our first birthday, we’re giving away 10 bestselling Professional Learning resources. Winners may pick the book of their choice from a… Read more »

Facebook for Primary Students?!

I recently was discussing with my Primary students about how we are going to be using Social Media in the Classroom, and more specifically, about my plan to use Twitter… Read more »

Do you really want to know?

How to have a real conversation about bullying with your Intermediate/Senior students  “It gets better.” This is the mantra spoken in the media these days. It’s mostly adults speaking out… Read more »

Cell Phones in School – How Texting Can Find a Place in Your Class

In a world where texting and Twitter have exploded, it is clear that we love to send short messages. But as with most technologies, our schools, and specifically, your Intermediate… Read more »

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