Is it Primary Math or Art?

Educators seem to be rushing to get through the curriculum.  I hear things like, ‘There’s so much to do in math!’ or ‘I don’t have time for the arts anymore.’ … Read more »

Chatting To Learn

Last year, I taught a Grade 1/2 class, and for the first time in my teaching career, I started using Nintendo DS’ with my students. I read numerous blog posts… Read more »

Facebook for Primary Students?!

I recently was discussing with my Primary students about how we are going to be using Social Media in the Classroom, and more specifically, about my plan to use Twitter… Read more »

My First Year of Teaching

When I first arrived in Calgary in August 2006 I was on a Rocky Mountain High.  Not only had I just recently graduated with a Degree in Education, but I… Read more »

Live in the Moment

An interesting discussion emerged in the course of our staff meeting yesterday.  Although I cannot recall what precipitated the talk, the gist of the conversation related to a recognition that… Read more »

Portable Teaching – This is Not a Cottage!

Drudging through the snow out to your classroom, you realize it – you work in a world of your own. Cut off from the outside world and the classrooms of… Read more »

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