iPads: Deployment in our Schools

iPads are increasing in popularity, and more and more schools are becoming a part of the Apple movement to incorporate and infuse mobile learning and information technology into the classroom. … Read more »

iPads: Curriculum Design in our Schools

In terms of Curriculum Design, staff will need equal opportunities to learn technology skills of the iPad and how to integrate them into teaching strategies. 1)      Have a clear plan set… Read more »

How and Why Teachers Should Blog

As you might know, blogging is getting more and more popular. Students have blogs, teachers have blogs and even an Average Joe might have a blog. Blogging is something that… Read more »

Rainbow Sticky Notes

Yesterday, I was preparing some of my gently used resources to be passed on to another educator. I took a deep breath noticing the rainbow of sticky notes hanging off… Read more »

What About Teachers?

As a teacher, I spend a lot of time thinking about what a 21st century classroom looks like for my students. I consider the importance of choice and collaboration. I… Read more »

Teaching with Success in Mind – Not Just Special Needs

I recently attended a school board workshop on using Assistive Technology in the Classroom. I am deliberately omitting the rest of the phrase, which usually goes “to support students with… Read more »

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