Finding Gold in Goals!

In the last 20 years, the world of education has undergone significant change. Research findings have played key roles in updating and improving curriculum documents, and teaching/learning/ assessment practices. Inevitably,… Read more »

Realigning our Moral Compass

Liam slowly works on a Number Sense assessment, as I gently prompt him to focus on the print. Suddenly he looks at me and discloses, “I should have studied.” “Wise… Read more »

Live in the Moment

An interesting discussion emerged in the course of our staff meeting yesterday.  Although I cannot recall what precipitated the talk, the gist of the conversation related to a recognition that… Read more »

Learning by Doing

Most teachers understand the importance of “experimenting” or experiencing using a hands-on approach. This type of learning is particularly valuable for children with autism and other special education needs, such… Read more »

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