Caught in the Learning Loop

I am addicted to learning. Ever since I can remember I have loved to learn. Growing up I excelled at reading, grew to love writing (here I am) and found… Read more »

Responsible Digital Citizens

When colleagues hear that I use social media with my Grade 6 students, many of them wonder about “digital citizenship.” They worry about what happens when students use these tools… Read more »

To Announce, To Converse, Or Both?

As I begin to use Twitter more, I notice that people use this social network for different purposes. Some people use it to announce what’s happening in their personal or… Read more »

Mind over Bladder: The Busy-Ness of Teaching

First break arrives and you set your sights on the nearest washroom door, but wait, you have a duty! Oh no, you think, as you stride down the hallway to… Read more »

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