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Discussion: Technology in the Classroom

by Janet Lee Stinson

From Interactive Whiteboards to Ipads, the classroom really has changed since we were kids. From your experience, (in or out of the classroom) what is the best technology tool for the classroom? Are they all good tools or are some hindering students learning? 

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  • http://adunsiger.com Aviva (@avivaloca)

    Janet Lee, this is a great question! I don’t think there’s one “best” tool for the classroom. In fact, I think that a variety of tools is really what makes technology in school such a great thing! Sometimes iPads work well, as students want to record videos and create presentations. Sometimes computers work well for Flash media or blogging options. Sometimes the Livescribe Pen is the best option, as students want to easily record their thinking: linking both the audio and the visual. For me, the biggest thing is students learning what tool works best given the assignment and their needs and interests. Student choice is huge for me when it comes to technology use in the classroom. I think if students are shown how to use all of these tools well, and given differentiated assignments that allow them to think and work creatively, then every piece of technology can be a great learning tool!